Premium Tanning

At Club Fitness we offer Premium level 3 Luxura Tanning beds. When joining Club Fitness our beds are accessible 24 hours with our key card to allow tanning at your convenience.

The 3 Luxura Feature

Main Features

Lighting Deco light changes colors, giving the unit a dynamic appearance and adding an additional relaxation element to the tanning session.
Body Cooling The body cooler at the foot of the unit maintains a comfortable temperature while tanning.
Xl Light XL light expands the tanning surface to ensure a full, even tan

The 3 Luxura is amazing!

The Luxura 3 offers the best tanning experience and pure relaxation. Join club fitness and get your tan on.
Tan On Your Time

24 Hour Accessibility 

$7 Per Session
$20 a month with Auto Pay

Time Feature

Session Timming 

Session Time: 15 Minutes
Programmable Internal Timer
Dual Hour Counters
LCD Timer Display

Rated 5 Stars

Best Tanning Experience 

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