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Aerobic Room

At Club Fitness, our dedicated Aerobic Room is specifically designed to invigorate and energize your workout experience. This spacious and well-equipped facility is perfect for a wide range of group fitness classes aimed at boosting cardiovascular health, enhancing flexibility, and improving overall body strength.

Our Aerobic Room offers plenty of space to move freely, ensuring that each member can exercise comfortably without feeling crowded. This ample space is ideal for high-energy classes and allows instructors to easily interact with participants.

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Our Aerobic Room is equipped with a variety of tools to enhance your workout, including step platforms, yoga mats, stability balls, and light weights. These are available for use during any scheduled class or can be used individually when the room is not booked for group activities.

The room can comfortably accommodate up to 25 participants, ensuring there is ample space for everyone to move freely and safely during workouts.

Yes, when there are no classes scheduled, members are free to use the Aerobic Room for their individual workouts. We recommend checking the class schedule to ensure the room is available.

Yes, we ask all members to be respectful of the equipment and other users. This includes wiping down any equipment you use, returning items to their proper place, and keeping noise to a reasonable level to not disrupt other ongoing activities in nearby areas.

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